Friday, May 22, 2015

Pre-Shavuot rerun re showering on a Yom Tov, plus

Shower power
See here.

The short version:

Rabbi Ari Enkin states that it's permissible to take a hot-water shower on Yom Tov.  Note: "The melacha of sechita, squeezing, however remains prohibited and therefore one must ensure not to squeeze one's hair after showering, though a light towel drying would be permissible.[18] As is the case concerning Shabbat, only liquid soaps are permitted on Yom Tov."

Rabbi Yehuda Hausman's opinion is that shampooing on a Yom Tov that doesn't coincide with a Shabbat is permissible (but pat the hair dry rather than drying thoroughly).

Others disagree with one or both of these opinions.

The downside of being counted
Shavuot begins tomorrow night, on the heels of Shabbat.  Unfortunately for us congregants, our sanctuary is rented out every Sunday morning.  I hate the idea of davvening (praying) in the "dungeon" (the windowless basement chapel) and putting up with the commotion from upstairs so much that I'd rather go to the only other local shul, despite the mechitzah.  But I can't, because I'm needed to make a minyan.  Oh, well--I've always said that with rights come responsibilities.

Chag Sameach.


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